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Find out what your team is really thinking

Over the last 14 months, Charlie's Polls feature has been used by over 7,000 team members working at more than 250 UK SMEs.

By analysing their 37,000 responses, we discovered what is really going on inside small businesses.

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What’s inside?

In One Year of Polls, we go beneath the surface of UK SMEs to discover how they really work. Inside, we reveal:

  • The exact tipping point when employee engagement begins to suffer
  • What our data tells us about the different types of leadership
  • The company size that scores worst on employee retention.

...and much more. 


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Part 1

An Introduction to Polls

Learn more about Charlie's research-backed employee engagement feature – and what it can teach you about your team.

Part 2

Employees in UK SMEs: What are they really thinking?

Find out what employees are really worried about (in companies just like yours).

Part 3

How do those feelings change as companies grow?

Discover the roadblocks you will face as your company scales – so you can prepare for them.

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