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HR for Startups – The Ultimate Guide


We’ve condensed everything we know about building startups into one simple guide.

And now we’re sharing it all for free.

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Learn from Charlie's own startup journey...

Inside, you can find everything we've learnt about building and scaling companies from scratch – including:

  • The HR foundations that every successful startup is built on

  • How to create an onboarding process that scales with your business

  • How you can craft a company culture that sets up your team to succeed

Part 1

Laying the foundations

Great HR is about creating an environment where your team can do their best work. But first, we need to lay down some foundations.

Part 2

An onboarding process that’s ready to scale

The success of any startup is built on the people who run it. Here's how to bring them onboard.

Part 3

Taking care of your team

A focus on employee wellbeing isn’t a nice-to-have anymore – for today's startups, it’s an absolute necessity.

Part 4

Building your company culture

The environment you build for your team is going to have a huge impact on the work they deliver – it’s crucial that you get that environment right.

Part 5

Growth and Development

The performance of your team is the single biggest factor in the success of your business – help them perform, and reap the rewards.

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