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Getting career progression right at small companies and startups  

A lack of tangible career progression is one of the main reasons why team members leave their jobs.

In this guide, we've mapped out the ideal career progression system for every stage of a company’s life cycle – so you know exactly how to build a company that keeps its team for the long haul.

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When you're running a small company, time and resources are always in short supply – and it can be hard to prioritise your team's career progression.

In this guide, we’ve broken things down into stage-appropriate steps, so you can always feel confident that your company has the right progression system in place. 

1-10 team members

The Foundations

For now, the best system is the one that's lightweight for your team to keep up – and gives you foundations to build on later.

11-30 team members

Levelling Up

When your company reaches this size, there are two crucial steps that you need to take.

31-60 team members

Scaling Up

The 30-person mark is where many processes start to break down. Here's how to stay ahead of the curve.

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