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The Workspace is Charlie's online blog, where we write about everything it takes to make work better at small companies.

Scroll below and you can find our selection of Books & Guides. These are our flagship resources – full of real and actionable insights into building a workplace you can be proud of.

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How to Earn a Senior People Role

For People professionals, simple 'upskilling' only takes you so far. When it comes earning a seat at the top table, you need to elevate your thinking beyond the scope of your current role.

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CharlieHR-Holiday Policy-2019-20-FP

Charlie's Holiday Policy for 2019

For three years, CharlieHR offered our team unlimited paid days off. Eventually, we decided that this policy simply wasn't fit for purpose. But if unlimited holiday wasn't the answer, then what is? What does a great holiday policy actually look like 2019?

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One Year of Polls

In One Year of Polls, we take a look beneath the surface of UK SMEs to discover how they really work. What company size reports the worst employee engagement? When do employees start to think about a career elsewhere? Learn the answers to all this and more by downloading the report.

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The Small Business Benchmarking Report

In 2019, we surveyed over 200 UK SMEs to learn about their employer offering. Once we had that data, we distilled it into a clear, easy-to-understand report to show you exactly how to get ahead of the competition.

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