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These are our flagship resources – full of real and actionable insights into building high performing teams.

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HR for startups-1

HR for Startups – The Ultimate Guide

Inside, you can find everything we've learnt about building and scaling companies from scratch.

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5 steps perfect company handbook

5 Steps To The Perfect Company Handbook

Discover how to build a company handbook that reflects your unique culture — so that you can use it to attract, retain and motivate the best talent.

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Getting career progression right

Getting Career Progression Right

In this guide, we've mapped out the ideal career progression system for every stage of a company’s life cycle.

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Career progression Part 1

Charlie's Career Progression Framework

Get access to Charlie's progression framework, including all the skills we expect our team to develop as they progress in their career.

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Career progression Part 2

Our Complete List Of Career Pathways

Discover the full career pathways for every job role at Charlie – including the difference between ICs and People Managers.

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Career progression Part 3

Launch a Career Progression Framework

Get access to the internal slide deck Charlie used to launch our progression framework – and learn how to do the same at your company.

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3 steps to tackling underperformance

3 Steps To Tackling Underperformance

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to prevent and overcome performance issues — so you can support and empower your team to always do their best work.

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How to earn a senior people role

How to Earn a Senior People Role

In this guide, we discover the three career roadblocks that every People professional will face – and how you can overcome them.

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Top 4 Redundancy Mistakes

Download our free guide and discover the most common mistakes made by small companies during a redundancy process.

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Charlie's Onboarding Steps

Onboarding is hardly a walk in the park, so make sure you're ready for it by downloading our checklist.

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HR checklist for startups

HR Checklist for Startups

Getting all the steps right for your startup is crucial, so make sure you download our free HR Checklist for Startups so you don't miss any.

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CharlieHR-The Small Business Benchmarking Report

Small Business Benchmarking Report

We surveyed over 200 companies to find out exactly what they offer their teams.

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One Year of Polls

In One Year of Polls, we take a look beneath the surface of UK SMEs to discover how they really work.

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Time off request

Time Off Request Form

Download our template to help you run a smooth time off process for your business without forgetting any detail.

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Onboarding checklist

Onboarding Checklist Template

Make sure you don’t leave anything out and set up your new hires for success.

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Holiday tracker

Holiday Tracker Template

Our Google Sheets holiday tracker is great if you want an off-the-shelf solution to manage time off for your team.

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3 HR policies you need to protect your business-1

The 3 Policies You Need To Protect Your Business

In this free guide, our CIPD-qualified HR Advisor takes you through each of the UK's mandatory policies

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Adjusted work week policy

Adjusted Work Week Policy

We believe there can be a better way to work than the traditional Monday-to-Friday week, but that's not a 4-day work week. Download our policy to find out more.

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Nomad working policy

Nomad Working Policy

Before the pandemic, we never thought we’d work away from our office. One year later, we rolled out a policy that enables our team to work from anywhere (with a few limits).

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Holiday policy

Holiday Policy

For three years, CharlieHR offered our team unlimited time off. Eventually, we decided that holiday policy simply wasn't fit for purpose.

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Mental health at Charlie

Charlie's Mental Health Policy

Supporting your team's mental health is a messy and complex challenge. At Charlie, we use a policy that puts an emphasis on changing behaviours.

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Flexible working policy

Flexible Working Policy

At Charlie, we believe in choice and autonomy – but we also believe in face-to-face collaboration. Here’s how we strike a balance.

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Parental leave policy

Parental Leave Policy

We’ve chosen not to separate maternity and paternity leave because we believe in equal benefits for both parents. To us, it’s just parental leave.

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Sabbatical policy template

Sabbatical Policy Template

You want your team to take the time to go out to experience new things, and come back feeling like they can give their work the very best of them.

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Unpaid Leave Policy Template

Find out how to give your team the flexibility they need — use this template as an example for creating your own.

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