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The 3 steps to tackling underperformance

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to prevent and overcome performance issues — so you can support and empower your team to always do their best work.

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Poor performance?

It's your responsibility to get your team back on track...

Managing underperformance correctly is key if you want to build a culture where people can thrive and deliver their best results.

Discover how to:

•Make fair and rational decisions backed by facts, not emotions.

•Support underperforming team members to get back on track.

•Protect your business from legal charges for unfair dismissal.

Part 1

The wrong way to deal with performance problems

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that would put your company at risk of legal action.

Part 2

Finding the cause behind underperformance

If someone in your team has been falling behind, it's your responsibility to look into why that is.

Part 3

Tackling the root cause behind poor performance

As an employer, you must do anything that’s in your power to help your team improve their performance.

Part 4

Preventing performance issues from happening again

Underperformance problems are often caused by long-standing issues in the way companies manage performance processes, hiring and probation periods.

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